Each of the galleries below feature images, plans and text from the actual flying boat flight or maintenance manual and show areas that are invaluable to the model maker for adding extra detail. 

If you have access to any original manuals that are not featured here, please think of sending them - a pdf - or e-mailing scans of the pages to SEAWINGS where we can continue growing this gallery for others to enjoy. Any 'snail-mail posted' will of course be very well looked after and promptly returned after scanning.

The majority of these manuals have been generously donated by the 'Manual Experts' - Bruce John Vander Mark from the USA and Matt Savage of Mach One Manuals in Australia - both long-term supporters of SEAWINGS. Both of them provide aircraft manuals, pilots notes and other aviation documentation for just about anything that ever flew, and at very reasonable prices! 

Visit Mach One Manuals website by clicking here or e-mail Bruce by clicking here for his current manual listing. SEAWINGS is indebted to the pair of you, thanks Guys!

Important Notice to Manual Traders: After finding that manuals from this gallery had been downloaded and offered for sale on e-bay by a certain individual, all of them have now been digitally encrypted by an IT expert and each carries a hidden signature for the express purpose of identifying it and denying its use by unscrupulous manual traders on e-bay, or anywhere else. If anyone downloads any manual from here and offers it for profitable sale to others, we will find it and will take immediate legal action against the party offering this free manual for sale. We know who you are on e-bay and where to look for our encryption. 

Consider this notice your ONLY warning.

Grateful thanks is also extended to Allan King for allowing use from his private flying boat manual collection in this gallery and to Patrick Hore for his excellent NACA Reports contribution.

Click on the name to go to the manual:

B BV-138
  Bv-138 B-1 & C-1
  Bv 222 'Wiking'
C Cant 25  
  CAMS 54

(NACA Circular No.80 - 1928)

  CAMS 60

(NACA Circular No.141 - 1931)

  CAMS 80

(NACA Circular No.158 - 1932)

  Cant Z 501
  Consolidated Coronado
  Curtiss H.S.1-L Scan10002_2.jpg (148615 bytes)
  Curtiss H-16
D Dornier Do-18 13.jpg (60097 bytes)
  Dornier Do-24K
  Dornier Do.X

(NACA Circular No.109 - 1930)

  Dornier SuperWal

(NACA Circular No.31 - 1927)

F Felixstowe F.2.A F2A plan-10.jpg (102638 bytes)
  Felixstowe F.3
  Felixstowe F.5L 23.jpg (227308 bytes)
G Grumman Albatross
  Grumman Goose
  Grumman JRF-6B-Goose 1A Pilots Handbook
  Grumman G-21A Goose  Erection & Maintenance Manual
  Grumman Mallard
  Grumman Widgeon
L Latecoere 38-0

(NACA Circular No.136 - 1931)

  Latecoere 501
  Latecoere 501

(NACA Circular No.170 - 1932)

  Latecoere 521
  Latecoere 521

(NACA Circular No.202 - 1936)


(NACA Circular No.39 - 1927)


(NACA Circular No.110 - 1930)

M Martin Mariner
  Martin Marlin
  Martin XP6M-1 SeaMaster
  Meteore 63

(NACA Circular No.41 - 1927)

N Norman Thompson N.T.2B
R Republic RC-3 Seabee

(NACA Circular No.35 - 1926)

  Rohrbach Robbe

(NACA Circular No.36 - 1927)

  Rohrbach Rocco

(NACA Circular No.44 - 1927)

S Saro A.19 Cloud
  Saro Lerwick
  Savioa Marchetti S.55

(NACA Circular No.33 - 1927)

  Savoia Marchetti S-55
  Short Calcutta Page-9.jpg (209659 bytes)
  Short Sandringham
  Short Empire
  Short Empire
  Short Empire

(NACA Circular No.204 - 1936)

  Short Seaford
  Short Seaford Mk.I Manual
  Short S.A.6 Sealand Manual 
  Short Singapore III Cut-Away Drawing
  Short Singapore III Manual
  Short Solent 3 Maintenance Manual
  Short Sunderland MK.I Manual 
  Short Sunderland MK.I & II Pilots Notes
  Short Sunderland MkV
  Sikorsky S-38

(NACA Circular No.79 - 1928)

  Sikorsky S-38
  Supermarine Scapa

(NACA Circular No.203 - 1936)

  Supermarine Southampton

(NACA Circular No.25 - 1926)

  Supermarine Walrus