This Gallery contains all the images from the Felixstowe F.3 maintenance and rigging manual, a document that I thought I would never see, but once again my great 'flying boat mate' Pete London came up trumps and supplied me with a copy. I have digitally enhanced each image and cleaned them up, they are very old after all, and present them here for all modelers and enthusiasts to enjoy. Just consider that these were hand drawn, no computers here! And, they were drawn at the time, so are accurate. My grateful thanks goes to Pete. Thanks, mate!

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Maintenance Rigging-1 Rigging-2 Rigging-3 Rigging-4
Common-page-2.jpg (155821 bytes) F3 page-1.jpg (80077 bytes) F3 plan-1.jpg (154489 bytes) F3 plan-2.jpg (215608 bytes) F3 plan-3.jpg (86920 bytes)
Rigging-5 Dimensions Plan-1 Plan-2 Tail
Common-1.jpg (144025 bytes) F3 plan-4.jpg (161429 bytes) F3 plan-5.jpg (61814 bytes) F3 plan-6.jpg (104760 bytes)  
Controls Engines Profile 3/4 Front View