This Supermarine Walrus Manual has been contributed by our Australian correspondent Greg Knowles, and is invaluable for adding extra detail to any model. These scans are taken from photostats of the original pages and show important details which otherwise would not be available to the modeller. Many thanks, Greg.

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wal1.jpeg (43902 bytes) wal2.jpeg (61777 bytes) wal3.jpeg (62950 bytes) wal4.jpeg (44675 bytes) wal5.jpeg (65899 bytes)
Cockpit-1 Waist Hatch-1 Seats Wing Fold Wing
wal6.jpeg (41742 bytes) wal7.jpeg (35874 bytes) wal8.jpeg (38437 bytes) wal9.jpeg (64515 bytes) wal10.jpeg (54723 bytes)
Float Tail Fin-1 Rudder Oleos Cockpit-2
wal11.jpeg (40340 bytes) wal12.jpeg (47366 bytes) wal13.jpeg (43215 bytes) wal14.jpeg (54443 bytes) wal15.jpeg (52879 bytes)
Water Rudder Cockpit-3 Cockpit-4 Cockpit-5 Cockpit-6
wal16.jpeg (72727 bytes) wal17.jpeg (90625 bytes) wal18.jpeg (66451 bytes) wal19.jpeg (93317 bytes) wal20.jpeg (63496 bytes)
Interior-1 Interior-2 Tail Fin-2 Cockpit-7 Cockpit-8
wal21.jpeg (50311 bytes) wal22.jpeg (27042 bytes) wal23.jpeg (27574 bytes) wal24.jpeg (46120 bytes) wal25.jpeg (37779 bytes)
Engine & Prop Throttle-1 Throttle-2 Cockpit-9 Bow-1
wal26.jpeg (48595 bytes) wal27.jpeg (30250 bytes) wal28.jpeg (58122 bytes) wal29.jpeg (48403 bytes) wal30.jpeg (65503 bytes)
Interior-3 Anchor Waist Hatch-2 Bow-2 Stbd Wings
wal31.jpeg (119330 bytes) wal32.jpeg (120464 bytes) wal33.jpeg (130385 bytes) wal34.jpeg (101238 bytes) wal35.jpeg (96104 bytes)
Profile-1 Profile-2 Profile-3 Instrument Panel Profile-4
wal36.jpeg (88482 bytes) wal37.jpeg (61504 bytes) wal38.jpeg (128429 bytes) wal39.jpeg (120556 bytes) wal40.jpeg (111593 bytes)
Bracing-1 Wheels Bracing-2 Bracing-3 Bracing-4
wal41.jpeg (88327 bytes) wal42.jpeg (70835 bytes) wal43.jpeg (35133 bytes) To read the original Maintenance Manual, click pdf logo here:

Wings Tail Tail Wheel