This Gallery contains all the relevant diagrams and pictures from the official Grumman Handbook on the Albatross to enable modelers to add detail to the old Monogram 1/72 scale kit. SEAWINGS is indebted to Lois Lovisolo of the Grumman Corporation Inc. (Historical Div.) for supplying the original documents so that these details can be shared with fellow modelers around the world. Once again, thanks, Lois.

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G. A. Cockpit-left side Cockpit-fwd Cockpit-rt side Inst Panel-1
Inst Panel-2 Inst Panel-3 Console-1 Consol-2 Console-3
Consol-4 Console-5 Console-6 3-View-1 3-View-2
Hull Stns Wing Stns-1 Wing Stns-2 Other Stns Tail Stns-1
Tail Stns-2 Nacelle Stns Main Oleos Nose Oleo Float-1
Float-2 Engine Fuel Tank Exploded-1 Exploded-2


Exploded-3 Exploded-4 Platform Cabin