This page will lead you directly to all the reference information you need for building an accurate model of the Short Empire flying boat. If you have access to any pictures or information not shown here, please e-mail it to SEAWINGS for inclusion. Enjoy!

This gallery section is respectfully dedicated to the late Brian Cassidy and Phillip E. Sims, author of the companion volume to Brian's 'Flying Empires' entitled 'Adventurous Empires' - now out of print' but available on Amazon and others (ISBN 1 84037 130 7). Like Brian, Phil wrote a 'master work' on the Empire 'boats, his being focused on their operational history, Brian's on the construction, but Phillip very sadly died as it was published. Together, the pair have done more for the Empire 'boats archive history than anyone else since the days they were built. 

Sometimes 'thank you' seems not enough............


(My grateful thanks goes to Short Bros. Plc & Brian Cassidy)

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Article from The Aeroplane dated 28th October 1936

Article from Flight magazine dated 29th October 1936 

Article from Flight magazine dated 20th February 1936  To Come To come



      Special Book References
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Profile Publications Monograph (No. 84) was one of a large number of aircraft featured in this long-ago out-of-print, series. It was published in 1966 and written by Geoffrey Norris. Despite the huge popularity of the Profile volumes, this particular one detailing the Empire 'boats development is very rare to find. I found mine some years ago at a second-hand book fair and have only ever seen one other. It's not the price, I paid very little for mine, it's just not around. So, I have taken the decision to produce a pdf from it so that anyone modeling the Empire has access to it to help with detailing, history and in particular the full production list. 




This pdf is very, very, special. Brian Cassidy the Author, has dedicated so much time to researching, writing and drawing accurate plans for the Empire 'boats that I could almost affectionately call him 'Mr. Empire'. What he has done is to produce a book - now sold out - so highly detailed that given enough metal and room, one could almost build a real one! It is simply the finest technically detailed volume ever written on these magnificent craft. Brian has made his book available as a pdf on his own web site here and I am very proud to host a link on mine.