Exclusive to SEAWINGS - Here it is....!! At last, the kit I have waited all my life to see! The team at Czech Master Resin have produced the most detailed and accurate model of the Empire ever, and mention should be made of the assistance given by a number of flying boat modelers and enthusiasts with the reference material to make this happen. What an effort by all concerned! A full kit review followed by a detailed build article will be written by SEAWINGS once the kit has been released (through Hannants as I understand it).

For now though, just gaze at this superb model kit and find the credit card - you're gonna need it!

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Short S.23_master model_big kit!.jpg (841505 bytes) Short S.23_master model_a.jpg (779245 bytes) Short S.23_master model_main parts.jpg (742881 bytes) Short S.23_master model_b.jpg (618365 bytes) Packing_Short S.23.jpg (11474 bytes)
Masters - 1 Masters - 2 Masters - 3 Masters - 4  Packed
CMR200 Short S.23_a.JPG (118046 bytes) CMR200 Short S.23_c.JPG (70748 bytes) CMR200 Short S.23_f.JPG (84102 bytes) CMR200MShortS23NMASKS.jpg (158988 bytes) Instruction Page.jpg (218011 bytes)
Finished - Top View Finished - Side View  Finished - Rear View Mask Sheet Inst Sheet
Col Page - 1.JPG (154663 bytes) Col Page - 2.JPG (136528 bytes) Col Page - 3.JPG (168792 bytes) Col Page - 4.JPG (170569 bytes) Col Page - 5.JPG (113546 bytes)
Kit Colour Schemes - 1 Kit Colour Schemes - 2 Kit Colour Schemes - 3 Kit Colour Schemes - 4 Kit Decal Sheet