The images shown here are from the official Saunders-Roe files and were taken by Mr. K.J. Meekcoms, a member of the Aeronautical Inspection Department (A.I.D.) during the actual construction of the SRA/1 to form a permanent record. Upon visiting one of my favorite second-hand bookshops, Falconwood Books, in Welling, Kent, I was chatting to Andy Doran the proprietor about the Saro Princess manual pictures that he had supplied me with earlier which I had up-loaded onto SEAWINGS and which had attracted so much interest from flying boat enthusiasts around the world and he broke out into a smile and said "Would you like the other one which has come into my possession recently for SEAWINGS?". I was absolutely dumfounded when he showed me what was on the CD he was holding. Andy kindly copied it for me, and this gallery is the result. The original photo album has since been sold, however Andy gave his permission for SEAWINGS to display the images. I would like to think that the current owner would be happy also to have a permanent record on this site.

As with the Princess images, just look at the workmanship on all these parts; remember that the construction is pre-computer age and the vast majority are hand-made or hand-finished by skilled craftsmen with a pedigree of flying boat construction to rival anywhere in the world at that time. The  care and attention to detail beggars belief. Each and every image repays careful viewing to take in all the intricate details from an age that has all but disappeared altogether. Now you can add as much detail you like to your 1/72 scale kit!


These images are priceless, absolutely priceless. Therefore, with that thought in mind, SEAWINGS is proud to dedicate this gallery to the memory of the late Mr. K.J. Meekcoms,  who originally took these pictures in the course of his work and to thank him from every flying boat enthusiast for keeping this photo album record safe and sound for over half a century. Also, very grateful thanks are due to Andy Doran, without whose kind generosity none of this would ever have been possible, and Bob Wealthy who scanned the originals. Grateful thanks to you both.

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