This gallery is brought to you via the generosity of one of our correspondents and one of my friends - firstly, Bruce J. Vander Mark, who kindly sent me loads of unseen (to me) pictures of this craft, together with these plan extracts from the official manual. These plans will be of value to those now contemplating the building of the new Sword 1/72 kit. And the friend, that is Steve Narborough, who kindly took the original pdf format and turned them into pictures we can all see. Many thanks, guys.

Click on the title to go to the plan:

s43manplan-1.jpeg (250566 bytes) s43manplan-2.jpeg (95297 bytes) s43manplan-3.jpeg (11335 bytes) s43manplan-4.jpeg (8503 bytes) s43manplan-5.jpeg (8549 bytes)
Plan - 1 Plan - 2 Plan - 3 Plan - 4 Plan - 5