This is the third in our Rohrbach series of flying boats, the Rodra, with pictures being supplied once again by our German correspondent, Axel Ganz. There is also a plan of this craft in the Plans Gallery. I have deliberately scanned these pictures at a large size so that all the detail can be readily seen, so please be patient whilst they download. Many thanks, Axel.
Rohrbach-Rodra-IIIa_2.jpg (198292 bytes) Rohrbach-Rodra-IIIa_3.jpg (219851 bytes) Rohrbach-Rodra-IIIa_4.jpg (191877 bytes) Rohrbach-Rodra-IIIa_5.jpg (185062 bytes)
Rohrbach-Rodra-IIIa_6.jpg (62550 bytes)