The Rohrbach series of flying boats make nice subjects for scratch builders and here we present a series of detailed pictures of the Rocco, supplied by our German correspondent, Axel Ganz. There is also a plan of this craft in the Plans Gallery. I have deliberately scanned these pictures at a large size so that all the detail can be readily seen, so please be patient whilst they download. Many thanks, Axel.
Rocco_1.jpg (128304 bytes) Rocco_2.jpg (138905 bytes) Rocco_3.jpg (179410 bytes) Rocco_4.jpg (169546 bytes)
Rocco_5.jpg (354166 bytes) Rocco_6.jpg (251375 bytes) Rocco_7.jpg (175315 bytes) Rocco_8.jpg (203598 bytes)
Rohrbach Rocco.jpeg (18344 bytes)