This lovely walk-round shows the only surviving Martin P5M-2 Marlin in the world on display at the USN Museum, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida and been superbly shot by our roving Moscow based correspondent, Igor Kolokolov who has granted exclusive permission to SEAWINGS to feature his images here. Igor runs a very successful and interesting Blog site which you can access by clicking here. It is always packed with exciting photographs and is well worth a visit. Our grateful thanks goes to Igor for allowing the use of his images. Thanks, Igor.

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This next walk-round has been kindly donated by Tom L. Bigley, CDR USNR-TAR (Retired), a veteran pilot of the P5M with VP-40 and shows not only the exterior but interestingly the not-too-often seen interior of this craft. This should prove invaluable to modelers of the Hasegawa kit. To read a very detailed narrative and fascinating account of Tom's experiences with VP-40, click here. Many thanks, Tom.


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This next walk-round, below has been kindly donated by Michael E. Rieth and shows details of the beaching gear and views not shown above. Many thanks, Mike.


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Finally, leaving the best until last (!) bringing up the rear is the 'Walk-Round 'Master' Igor Kolokolov with his take on the Martin Marlin, now fully restored, painted and on permanent internal display; magnificent! Thanks, Igor.....