This walk-round is a combination of contributions from no less than three of our world-wide correspondents. The first five pictures have been donated by our Finnish correspondent Jukka Keranen from Helsinki, and show the Austrian WW1 Lohner L-1 displayed in the Italian Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle near Rome. The next four come courtesy of Rod Larson of Rod's Warbird Pix fame - (click here to visit his superb site). The remainder are from Fabrizio D'Isanto. I have deliberately scanned all of these at a large size to display all the delicate detail to help modelers, therefore they may take a few moments to download. Please be patient as they are well worth it. Many thanks, Jukka, Rod and Fabrizio.

As if that wasn't enough, the last 6 images have been donated by our Russian correspondent, Igor Kolokolov from Moscow.

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