Guest article by Mats Engstrom from Sweden

The Swedish Air Force operated a single Grumman Goose from 1951 to 1962. It was used as an ambulance in the northern parts of Sweden and ended its service after an accident.

See above, the scan from page 99 in the book Flygplansritningar 5, showing the real aircraft. (See references below).


This is the Rareplanes Grumman Goose. It's a very good vacuformed kit with everything included to finish the kit. The kit features white metal engines, propellers, wheels and landing gear. A very nice decal sheet from Extra Decal is also included. It has four options: RAF, RCAF, JAF and US Coast Guard. Two vacuum formed canopies are supplied.


The interior is sparse but not much is seen when finished. I didn't add anything and painted it interior green. Reinforcements were made along the two fuselage halves to avoid cracks. Some filler was needed, especially where the wings met the fuselage, both rear and in front towards the windshields. I didn't use the upper links in metal for the landing gear but used plastic rod instead. It was too difficult to fit the ones in metal. The cowlings were very thin in front and cracked. It was much fiddling with putty, super glue and sanding trying to avoid cracks and dents. They didn't end up perfect but I believe they got some dents in reality too when clumsy mechanics dropped them to the floor. At least that's what I decided happened!. Some detailing was done: antenna, weights on the elevators, rigging with stainless steel and stretched sprue, and a blister window. The small windows were made with Humbrol Clear Fix.


I mixed the orange myself after checking a Norseman in the same colour with my Humbrol chart at the Swedish Air Force Museum in Linköping. My airbrush didn't perform that good so I had to make three tries before I was satisfied with the coat of colour.

The Swedish markings come from Flying Colours and Specialtryck decal sheets. The white circles were air brushed and the red crosses were cut from a decal sheet with red stripes.

Since it was an ambulance plane, I did no weathering and chose a more glossy finish since I believe that it was well maintained. Maybe I should add a bit of exhaust stains.


 I'm pleased with the result. Vacuforms need some more work but for me gives more satisfaction when its finished. Of course, an injection kit is now available.


Björn Karlströms 'Flygplansritningar 5' contains drawings in 1:72 and 1:144 and photos of all the transport aircraft of the SAF 1926-86. Recommended. Publisher: Allt Om Hobby ISBN 91-85496-30-8