Mach 2 - Martin Mariner Kit Review
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SEAWINGS  is pleased to present this kit review which first appeared in the monthly high quality webzine - INTERNET MODELER. Thanks go to Chris Banyai-Riepl and Bob Pearson for allowing its use under copyright. Click here to go to their site and see the latest issue.

Roden 1/72nd Felixstowe F.2A (Early)

By Matt Bittner


The Kit

This First Look isn't going to be a large review. That's because there is little difference between the first F.2A release ("Late") and this release ("Early"). The major differences being new box art, new decals, and the inclusion of the clear plastic pieces. If you read Dennis Ugulano's excellent build up review in the February 2004 IM edition, it should give you a good idea of what to expect when building one of these Felixstowe's. In addition, you can read Michael Benolkin's comments in his First Look of the "Late" version in the August 2003 IM edition.

The decals cover the following schemes:

  1. Felixstowe F.2A "Early", s/n N4283, Flown by Flight Commanders G E Livock and R Leckie, based at Felixstowe, 1918

  2. S/N N4512, based at Great Yarmouth, June 1918

  3. S/N and home base unknown, 1918

  4. S/N 4300, based at Felixstowe, autumn 1918

Decals are nicely printed and in register; however, they only cover national markings and some stencil data. If you want to finish your model in one of the more unusual schemes (for example, the cover scheme with the "squiggles" on the fuselage) you're on your own. Either through painting or creation of your own decals will this be accomplished.


Like the other F.2A this will build into an impressive model. There is work to be done to get to its conclusion - this is no "shake and bake" kit - but most of us are modelers and it shouldn't pose too much difficulty to complete this model. Now the rigging, on the other hand, could take a properly trained spider - or a lot of time and patience - to effectively achieve. Another Roden that comes recommended.

My thanks to Roden and Squadron for the review kit.