This magnificent set of walk-round pictures has been generously donated by our French correspondent Eric Gallaud and features the superb Donnet Leveque 'A' flying boat on display in the aviation museum at Le Bourget, France. These close-up images show all the delicate details and re-pay close study for those of you that wish to build a 1/72nd scale model. Many thanks, Eric.
Donnet-Leveque01.jpg (174039 bytes) Donnet-Leveque02.jpg (165374 bytes) Donnet-Leveque03.jpg (135490 bytes) Donnet-Leveque04.jpg (142374 bytes) Donnet-Leveque05.jpg (146278 bytes)
Donnet-Leveque06.jpg (119968 bytes) Donnet-Leveque07.jpg (153437 bytes) Donnet-Leveque08.jpg (51164 bytes) Donnet-Leveque09.jpg (131515 bytes) Donnet-Leveque10.jpg (130829 bytes)
Donnet-Leveque11.jpg (143014 bytes) Donnet-Leveque12.jpg (118223 bytes) Donnet-Leveque13.jpg (149445 bytes) Donnet-Leveque14.jpg (136012 bytes) Donnet-Leveque15.jpg (120173 bytes)
Donnet-Leveque16.jpg (158635 bytes) Donnet-Leveque17.jpg (145638 bytes) Donnet-Leveque18.jpg (127700 bytes) Donnet-Leveque19.jpg (161828 bytes) Donnet-Leveque20.jpg (111908 bytes)
Donnet-Leveque21.jpg (141163 bytes) Donnet-Leveque22.jpg (107473 bytes) Donnet-Leveque23.jpg (121990 bytes) Donnet-Leveque24.jpg (171574 bytes)