Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina - 'L-866'

One of the finest preserved Catalina's in England is this Danish operated PBY-6A on display at the RAF Cosford Museum in Shropshire. Please forgive the lighting in a few  of these images, as the many different surrounding lights and roof windows around the Cat played havoc with my camera's auto-flash and focus. I must congratulate the museum on positioning her 'just right' though to be able to get more-or-less around all of her.

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SEAWINGS's long-time correspondent Igor Kolokolov from Russia has also paid a recent rip to RAF Cosford and has very kindly shared his images of L-866 from that day to add to the overall Gallery. Grateful thanks, Igor.

However, take a good look at these Gallery images as you won't be seeing L-866 in this presentation shape for a long-time to come as, on a very sad note, SEAWINGS returned to Cosford in November 2017 and I was personally shocked and disappointed to see L-866 had been moved outdoors (!) and is now subject to all the effects of the UK weather with no cover whatsoever; and those effects had already had a dramatic damaging result on her once-superb paintwork as seen in these Gallery images. The paint, especially the International Orange is now faded, worn and the rest of her is beginning to look derelict.....

Why, Oh why, did the museum do this..? They have effectively destroyed the perfect paint scheme and she now looks so very sad sitting in the rain. I could not believe what I was seeing in-front of me. How could the management of a 'respectable' international aircraft preservation museum allow a first-class exhibit to be treated in such a manner..? It will cost a small fortune to return her to the above glorious display standard. In a word, 'Criminal'...shame on you.