SEAWINGS is once again privileged to bring you another set of superbly drafted scale plans by the very talented Edward Long. These will assist any modeler, and probably a few flight-sim guys as well, with their accuracy and detail. Try scratch-building one of these at 1/32nd! Please note these are extremely large downloads - please be patient - they are worth it! Our grateful thanks go to Ed.

Click on the title to go to the plan:

Frontview.jpg (156201 bytes)
Front View
sideview.jpg (125538 bytes) Profiles.jpg (231008 bytes)
Side View Profiles
Profile Locations.jpg (236992 bytes) Sideview - 2.jpg (127338 bytes)
Profile Locations Side View with Wing Profile
Topview-1.jpg (333664 bytes) Topview-2.jpg (168187 bytes)
Top View Top View with Profiles
b-314-1.jpg (154129 bytes) b-314-2.jpg (455984 bytes)
Front View with Scale Bar Top View & Profile with Scale Bar
b-314-3.jpg (348719 bytes) b-314-4.jpg (247253 bytes)
Plan View with Scale Bar Profiles with Scale Bar
b-314-5.jpg (348319 bytes)  
Top View with Scale Bar