This gallery has been kindly donated by our Polish correspondent, Karol Budniak, and shows a superb set of plans of the relatively unknown (in the West) Beriev Be-10. What a cracking model this would make and the plans are good enough to scratchbuild from. So, what's your excuse now....? If anyone has any photographs or knowledge of a 1/72 scale kit would they please e-mail me.

Incidentally, I am aware that they must have been published somewhere (possibly sometime ago) but I cannot read Russian; so, if you are the publisher would you please contact SEAWINGS for full accreditation.

Click on the plan to go to the page:

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Plan - 1 Plan - 2 Plan - 3 Plan - 4 Plan - 5
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Plan - 6 Plan - 7 Plan - 8 Plan - 9