Supermarine Walrus Mk.I (Seagull V)

This fine example - albeit actually a Seagull Mk V - is on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon, London, England. Some of the images are darker than I would like but that is entirely due to the extremely poor lighting within the building. So, enjoy these 93 exterior images; I just hope one day I can get inside it!

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Below: what a difference a couple of years makes! In the ensuing period since I shot the walk-round above, the museum authorities have removed the old solid end wall of the Battle of Britain Hall and replaced it with a totally glass one, and then moved the Walrus into the BoB hall from the main building where it always had been. By pure luck they have placed it next to the end window, behind the short Sunderland and the results can be seen here. For the most part it is now in broad daylight and the difference is plain to see. So, in a recent visit I made the most of it with the 58 images you see here!
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Prolific SEAWINGS correspondent Igor Kolokolov also visited the RAF Museum and very kindly granted permission for his walk-round images to be added to this Gallery. Once again - as ever - my grateful thanks goes to Igor for a smashing series of first-class images.
There will always be room for another highly-detailed photographic walk-round featuring a flying boat that has already been covered, even by myself, on this site. Why? well, multiple digital cameras record details differently, lighting can be completely different between photographers and camera angles can be different, one photographer managing to pull off a detail shot that another couldn't; there are many reasons over time.

So, when one is fortunate enough to be offered high-quality image material from an semi-professional aircraft and WR aficionado such as Hungarian correspondent Gyula Zoltan, then I will certainly make room..! Gyula runs the Hunavia and Superfighter websites; Have a look at the rest of his superb work here. Many thanks, Gyula.

I make no apologies for adding yet another photographic walk-round of the Walrus, especially when it is as good as this one; by combining all the SEAWINGS Walrus WR's together, at least the enthusiast will have the very best chance of complete coverage!

The essence of a worthwhile photo-reference walk-round is that the images must be large, clear, sharp, well lit and above all, in-focus. This superb WR by new correspondent Phil Brenton of the Supermarine Walrus/Seagull V on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon, London is precisely what I'm talking about. It is as near perfect as one can get and I thank Phil profusely for allowing SEAWINGS to host it here. Thanks, Phil.

2016: Imagine my surprise when making a 'routine' visit to the RAF Museum on a weekend in July and wandering around the familiar exhibits for a while, I stumbled upon the Walrus - and other exhibits within the Battle of Britain Museum Hall - being 'stripped down' - taken apart into manageable sections - as it was explained to me that they are all being relocated into the main building as the BoB hall is being turned into some sort of 'Visitor and Event Centre'.

Wow, I thought, until I realised that this was the opportunity to obtain close-up photos of the Walrus from angles that one might never see again and so I set about her with my digital camera and these are the results. These are slightly too bright as all the removed items were positioned against the 'window wall' and it was a very sunny day in London but upon reflection it has served to highlight the details. Enjoy!

These four images have very kindly been supplied by Ken Withey and show particularly well the underwing wheel well and bomb racks. Thanks, Ken.