Convair R3Y Tradewind WALK-ROUND
There are a small number of specialised flying boat photo archive hosts and none are better than the San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives in California, USA. This is simply the finest historic photo image collection anywhere in the world today, covering a multiple host of aviation and aerospace genre's, but for me it comes into it's own as the most fantastic recorder of flying boat activity over the years, mainly as its location at San Diego was, and remains today, a centre of U.S.N. aviation.

I am privileged to have walked the concrete on which this specimen of naval flying boat aviation served and these images bring back fond memories of that time and the location.

So, here is a beautiful black & white series retained and cared for by the SDASM from the Gordon Permann Collection featuring the Tradewind, especially for those scale modellers who have the Contrail R3Y Tradewind vac-form model to build; note, these images may look very similar but each show different views of the nose and interior structure that will repay very careful attention to the details.

Enjoy, and grateful thanks to SDASM for making these superb images available to us.

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