There are very few Short Sunderland Mk.V's left today; there are even fewer that are anywhere near their original equipment fit AND one can actually walk-through, let alone around. One that you can walk-through is the well known one at the RAF Museum, Hendon, London but another exists right across the other side of the world, in New Zealand on display at the Auckland Museum of Transport and Technology - MOTAT for short. One of SEAWINGS's staunchest long-term supporters and complete 'flying boat aficianardo' is Alan Willoughby and he has very kindly sent in this superb walk-through of NZ 4115 the MOTAT 'boat. If I was to ever visit her myself I doubt if I would obtain a better set of images than Alan has taken himself, showing as they do all the intricate details of the interior. With a brand new 1/72 scale kit being issued this year - 2011 - there is now no excuse for attempting to cram in all this detail! Our grateful thanks goes to Alan for his time and trouble in obtaining all these fascinating images. Thanks, Alan.
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