This is the Short Sunderland MkV on display at the RAF Museum at Hendon, London. It is, as far as I know, the only one in the world that is restored to full WWII specification and the only one that you can walk through normally as a visitor. However, it is extremely poorly lit both exterior and interior wise which accounts for some of the variables in these images. Mind you, it is a real treat to walk through her! Let's see you put all this detail into the Airfix kit!! The final set of images have been generously donated by our good friend Alex Norton, who managed to gain access to her prior to her complete restoration. Just look at the details contained within these images that one cannot see today during a visit. Many thanks, Alex.
Bow Compartment
Forward Entrance
Officers Wardroom
Bomb Compartment
Beam Gun Positions
Aft Area
Aft Starboard Exit Door
Depth Charges
Centimetric Radar
Wing Floats
Tail Beaching Gear
Interior Photograph's prior to restoration (ex. Alex Norton)
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