For me, this is is one of the finest restorations ever undertaken by the RAF Museum , Hendon, London. These photographs show the various details and high standard of workmanship that won the museum the 'Restoration of the Year Award' for 1999. As a kid I played around the hulk of this actual flying boat whilst it was beached at Felixstowe Ferry in the early 1960's, not realising what it was at the time of course. It was then (1960's) in daily use as a 'house-boat' and was home to someone. It was rescued and taken to the museum a wreck; after many years it re-emerged from the workshops looking like this! Magnificent!

Our grateful thanks goes to our Canadian correspondent - Alex Norton - who kindly sent me his selection of images to include with my own in this gallery. With the advent of a superb brand new - but very expensive - detailed 1/72nd resin kit by SilverWings these images will assist all you modelers! Many thanks, Alex.


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Below are some extra cockpit detail images of the same 'boat taken by SEAWINGS to supplement the above walk-round, on a later visit.
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This stunning set of Southampton internal images below, have been specially taken by our correspondent Ralph Pegram, using an ingenious yet simple non-intrusive method and has been very kindly donated to SEAWINGS for us all to enjoy. These images afford a look inside the 'boat that no-one visiting would ever get to see. Our very grateful thanks goes to Ralph for his superb contribution.
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Our long-time Russian correspondent, Igor Kolokolov also paid a visit to see the Southampton and has very kindly donated these addition images to add to the ones above.