Short Solent Mk.3 Walk-Round

Thankfully, one of the few surviving Short Solent Mk.3 flying boats is preserved and on public display at the Oakland Aviation Museum, Oakland, California, USA (near San Francisco). To see more direct from the museums webpage, click here.

The lucky man that visited this craft, one of the very few surviving Shorts 'big 'boats', was our USA based correspondent Vladimir Yakubov, and he has very kindly granted permission to reproduce his images here, for us all to share. Vladimir is a member of the Sierra Valley Scale Modellers and they have a superb modelling and reference website; click here to take a look. It's worth it! Our grateful thanks goes to Vladimir.


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The walk-round below, donated by one of our Canadian correspondents Richard Eglin, shows more details of the same 'boat. What a beauty! Once again in this set of pictures, just look at that clear blue sky! Many thanks, Richard.
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Correspondent Cees Hendriks has also visited this fabulous 'boat and has very kindly granted permission for SEAWINGS to display his superb Solent images here. Grateful thanks, Cees.