When a modeler has spent their hard-earned cash on purchasing a state-of-the-art resin kit such as the fabulous 1/72 scale Sikorsky S-39 by our very good  friends at CMR (Czech Master Resin) then what he needs to complete the job is excellent reference material, and what better than this! Our prolific Russian based correspondent Igor Kolokolov, on his World travels, has again come up with a classic walk-round for us of the aptly-named  beautifully restored S-39  'Spirit of Igor'. In itself a massive achievement, taking 40,000 man-hours spread over the last 40 years, she is today the oldest surviving Sikorsky in the World and is currently based at the Planes of fame Museum in the USA. Our grateful thanks  goes to Igor for his time and trouble to bring us such a superb walk-round. Thanks, Igor. (Hey, Igor - get it! This walk-round truly is the 'Spirit of Igor'!!)

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As if the above wasn't enough, our long-time US correspondent, Vladimir Yakubov, also made the trip to visit this fabulous craft and shot 135 high-class images in this walk-round which SEAWINGS is privileged to show here. By combining the two walk-rounds, I reckon we have covered just about every inch of the 'Spirit of Igor's exterior! Grateful thanks to Vladimir.

Incidentally, Vladimir is a member of the Silicon Valley Scale Modelers club, based near San Francisco, USA. Take a visit to their fantastic club website here.

Now, what about the interior? Any takers lucky enough to get the invite to photograph the interior, please consider sending them into SEAWINGS for inclusion here. Please....!