Our new Icelandic correspondent, Birgir Kristinsson was lucky enough to get close to S-38 Osas's Ark recently when it landed at his home airport of Reykjavik on its way to Europe, and has very kindly granted permission for SEAWINGS to show his superbly detailed walk-round images. Thanks, Birgir.

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Our Russian correspondent, Igor Kolokolov was lucky enough to get close to S-38 Osas's Ark recently and has sent SEAWINGS this superbly detailed walk-round of magnificent images. Thanks, Igor.

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Our USA correspondent, Jim Douglass also caught up with 'Osa's Ark' one fine morning and had kindly donated this superb set of images, below. Many thanks, Jim.

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More pictures sent into SEAWINGS from correspondents around the world, below.

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