Republic RC-3 Seabee
If you are a scale model scratch-builder or just enjoy adding detail(s) to a model kit, then one of the vital references apart from plans, drawings and the like in getting the project going is finding the bulk of the subject in it's 'as-manufactured' form; ie, the subject 'hulk' stripped of all the appendices that will be added to that during subsequent construction. Finding that is 'modeller's Gold Dust'.

So, imagine my complete surprise when walking through the halls of the superb Tennessee Museum of Aviation intent and engrossed on shooting a walk-round of their fabulous Grumman Albatross when I spotted this beautiful completely stripped down 'to-the-bare-hull' Republic RC-3 Seabee sitting alongside it..!

I could not resist getting as many useful shots - albeit from just the one side - to assist anyone out there wanting the information, as it shows to great effect the basic manufactured condition of this superb amphibian. It's obviously under consideration for restoration, so the hull 'hulk' in this format will as likely 'disappear' in time to come as the build commences, whenever that is.

Grateful thanks to all at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation; click here to view their website.

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