Sometimes it's amazing what one stumbles across; this walk-round appeared out of nowhere one night while I was perusing a Russian modeling website! Wow, I didn't even know an A-90 had been preserved this well let alone as far as I could tell from the captions, on display in a Technology & Science Park (?) in Moscow. If anyone knows more about exactly where, please e-mail SEAWINGS with the details.

If anyone is able to pay another visit on a sunny day and shoot a series of close-up photo's SEAWINGS would be delighted to add them to this gallery. I have attempted to contact the original photographer but I feel that my request has been 'lost in translation'. However, these images are just too good to sit in obscurity, so if anyone knows the owner of these, I would be very happy to hear from them and grant full credit. Meanwhile, enjoy!

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Below, this fabulous addition to the walk-round above has been very generously donated by our correspondent Max Klimov from Russia, who was lucky enough to spend time walking all round the A-90 with his camera and then sending them into SEAWINGS in answer to my plea above, for us all to enjoy. many thanks, Max.
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