Boeing B-1 Flying Boat
In operating this website on anywhere near a continuous basis, one of the lessons I learnt early-on was that I could not do it alone. Indeed after seventeen years, that is even more the case today as the vast amount of reference material is donated from correspondents around the world.

Having said that, almost from the very beginning along came a correspondent - with whom right up until this day today I have never met in person - yet has become a great acquaintance and massive supporter of this site who is always amongst the first to contribute and offer flying boat reference material of surviving flying boats that I -like you - will probably never get the chance to see first-hand, which is exactly what this site is all about. He is Alex Norton from Canada.

Alex is renowned for travelling by car from Canada through to the upper West USA each year and in March this year set off on another delightfully documented Facebook travelogue and upon his return sent me another of his superb photographic flying boat walk-rounds as usual, this one shot within the Museum of History and Industry on the shore of Seattle’s Lake Union, USA.

However, sadly I read on the same Facebook page that just last month - May 2017 - Mary Braun his dear wife passed away almost directly after his return.

Over the past few weeks, one of the things I have learnt from reading Alex's family Facebook page is that Mary - who by all accounts was one fantastic lady - had a favourite colour; a particular shade of pink the family calls, 'Mary's Pink'.

The background to this page is the closest I can reasonably get to 'her' colour on a pc monitor; actually, it is very close from photo's I have seen and I thought it would be fitting to create and combine this special page just for the pair of them in order to remember Mary and to remain forever 'her page' within Alex's love of aviation and particularly flying boats, on my site.

This page is respectfully and lovingly dedicated to Mary Braun (1952-2017)

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