Scale Model World 2009 held at the International Centre, Telford, England saw the inaugural display of the newest Special Interest Group in the IPMS UK. Entitled 'Splash SIG' it's dedicated to all things that fly from the water - Sopwith Baby to Ekranoplans - in-fact all flying boats and seaplanes. SEAWINGS together with 'The Cameraman' (as he is known on the Flying Boat Forum) - our roving correspondent Stuart 'Reggie' Martindale - attended to record the magnificent collection of scale models on display on their stand, together with others seen elsewhere at the show. You can access the Splash SIG website by clicking here. Grateful thanks goes to SIG leader Jennifer Wright for putting together a first-class presentation and starting the whole thing in the first place. SEAWINGS has pledged it's full support to the Jen and the SIG to ensure that they have all the references they need to continue.

Grateful thanks also goes to Reggie for his excellent camera work, as usual.

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