If you thought that Glenn Ping's Southampton Mk.I, elsewhere in the Model Gallery, was superb then this is absolutely gorgeous...! Glenn Ping from Thailand built the I.D. (now Tigger Models) 1/32 vac-form kit. Both the wings and fuselage were filled with expanding foam, which makes them very strong. He used balsa spars and made slots through the upper fuselage so that the spars - with the wings attached - could then be dropped in. The slots were then re-covered with the pieces removed and filled. All markings were sprayed on and the natural metal areas foil covered. The colour scheme came from a colour photo appearing in an issue of Flypast magazine.

Wow, what a first-class model - just look at all that detail Glenn has added to the kit supplied basic structure...! It just shows what can be done in the hands of an experienced scale modeler.

This Tigger Models 1/32 scale kit can be purchased from the Flying Boat Shop on this site, now!


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