These superbly detailed models have been built by our Far Eastern correspondent Miwa, who is certainly building himself a fine collection. Our thanks go to Miwa for sharing them with us.
calcutta - 1.jpg (182796 bytes) cant501d.jpg (152547 bytes) wal.jpg (111403 bytes) Do 18 - 1.jpg (154439 bytes) Do Wal - 1.jpg (155263 bytes)
Short Calcutta Cant Z501 Dornier Do-Wal Dornier Do 18 Do-Super Wal
Macchi M33 - 1.jpg (82342 bytes) Savoia 55x - 1.jpg (124789 bytes) sikorsky38a.jpg (105281 bytes) Supermarine Sealion - 1.jpg (151397 bytes) Stranraer - 1.jpg (111207 bytes)
Macchi M33 Savoia 55x Sikorsky S-38 Supermarine Sealion Supermarine Stranraer