The actions of certain types of people never fails to amaze me, but never more so than when it happens to be a flying boat/amphibian owner, as I have found over the years running SEAWINGS. Their kindness and generosity are a class above most, I find.

Here is such an example; Dr. Andreas Schall owns this beautiful example of the Lake manufacturing company, this being the LA-250 Renegade D-EFFV, which just happens to be the only example on the German register as of 2010. 

Imagine my complete surprise to find it at an airshow I was attending, and as if that was not enough, I was truly delighted to be offered the chance to shoot this walk-round by Dr. Andreas himself. What a really nice man, nothing was too much trouble for him, opening hatches, closing them again, explaining the various points to look for around the craft, and for 45 minutes or so we walked around his pride and joy (or in my case crawled under it!) taking these pictures in 33deg heat!. What a treat!

In all my days wishing for times such as this, when it actually happens, I find it so rewarding. Just to be granted the chance to accomplish a small feat in life such as this simple walk-round is so uplifting for a 'boat enthusiast.

So, Dr. Schall, please except my most grateful thanks for giving of your time so generously and I wish you many hours of pleasure in D-EFFV.

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