(Grumman) Reid Dennis HU-16(RD) Albatross
SPECIAL NOTE: To be perfectly correct, technically this particular (one of a kind) Albatross is a special and literally unique long-wing conversion done by, and for, its previous owner, Mr. Reid Dennis. As such, he became the official "builder" or manufacturer under FAR Part 21 and in accordance with 14 CFR 45.13(a), so it is no longer a "Grumman" - Grumman never built an HU-16RD - it is a "Reid Dennis" Model HU-16RD as per FAA Type Certificate no. T00003LA.

Grateful thanks to Dave Marion for this info. Thanks, Dave.

This stunning set of walk-round images of this Grumman HU-16(RD) Albatross was taken by Vladimir Yakubov who very generously has allowed me to show them here for us all to enjoy.

This particular Albatross holds the record for the very first circumnavigation of the World by an Albatross on a single mission..! It's on display at the Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos, California, USA. All we need now is a set of decals for a beautiful model in this colour scheme. Any takers out there..?

Thanks a lot, Vladimir; much appreciated.

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