Grumman HU-16D Albatross
This beautiful example of a Grumman HU-16D Albatross is on display at the Travis Air Museum (Travis Heritage Centre) Travis A.F.B. just east of San Francisco, California, USA and was visited by our Californian-based correspondent, Vladimir Yakubov, who really 'went to town' on this spectacular 188 No. image walk-round.

If you are going to shoot a photo walk-round of a 'special' subject - a 'boat or airplane that you have always wanted to visit and finally made it, one that in-of-itself - is special for a particular reason; the only one, the record-breaker, whatever, you will do no better than to follow this series as a 'how-to' guide, as in my personal opinion, it will not get any better than this; and Vladimir is one of the 'Masters' of this genre of photography along with a select talented few that have supported SEAWINGS in this fashion virtually from Day One; Alex Norton and Igor Kolokolov immediately spring to mind, along with (very) few others..!

So, sit back right-click and save these fabulous images and use them to add extra detail to that next Albatross scale model or just gaze at a beautiful flying machine thankfully preserved for future generations to wonder at;..... a 'flying....boat'.....what's that, then..? 'Flying ....boat..?, .....but, but, boats don't fly....do they...? 'Never heard of one of them'......

God help us....!!

Vladimir, thank you so very much for this spectacular walk-round....

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