Consolidated PB2Y-5R Coronado

Our World-Wide roving correspondent Howard Mason found himself at N.A.S. Pensacola, Florida - the home of the U.S. Navy's Aviation Museum - and found this, the last surviving Consolidated Coronado under restoration to display standard and shot these fabulous walk-round pictures and sent them into SEAWINGS.

And, Wow!! I didn't even know there was one in existence! With injected and vac-form 1/72nd models now available thanks to Howard (and a few interior shots I added myself here) there is enough detail contained within these pictures to add extra features to any model. Thanks, Howard. 

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Our Russian correspondent Igor Kolokolov also visited the Coronado at Pensacola and took these fine images which show more details to help any modeller. Also, what about a diorama anyone? It looks as if it is coming along nicely and I cannot wait to see the finished craft. Our grateful thanks goes to Igor for generously donating these images.

Incidentally, Igor runs a fascinating aviation photographic Blog, packed full of top quality images he has shot from around the world and it's well worth a visit. Click here and take a look - you will not be disappointed.

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Recently in 2017, Igor paid another visit to this fabulous Coronado and here is the finished restoration as can be seen on display today; and what a cracking job the Pensacola team have done on her.! Igor very kindly shot another 50 walk-round images and has also provided a bonus; 17 interior images taken from the original Technical Manual to give you an idea of what the inside looks like..!

My grateful thanks to Igor - as ever - for his permission to show these magnificent pictures from his extensive photographic archive. Thanks, Igor.

In 2022, I came across this additional walk-around of this superb Coronado and these images filled-in the gaps in the foregoing coverage nicely, completing what has to be the most comprehensive coverage of one flying boat to be found anywhere. All we need now is the interior treated to the same exacting detail image-wise..!! Whose up for that..?

Special Note: if YOU are the photographer of these images please contact me for a full image credit. I will be pleased to cover that for you, or of course, remove them if asked.