It never fails to amaze me - even after thirteen years of producing this website - of the flying boat information and generosity that is so freely given and granted between fellow enthusiasts and this stunning 185 image gallery is the best case-in-point -ever!

Our latest correspondent, Ron Rogers of Whidbey Island, USA, contacted me out-of-the-blue a few weeks ago and told me of a preserved Catalina PBY-5A and the PBY Memorial Foundation he is a volunteer member of that I didn't even know about!

Ron is a member of the PBY Memorial Foundation (PBYMF) based at Whidbey Island, who are the proud owners of Catalina Bu.No. 33968 (Civil Reg. No. N84857) with the aim of preserving her for all time within hangared accommodation thus acting as a memorial to all crews and airmen involved with the Catalina through the passage of time. Currently, they have an informative website which can be found here.

Wilmont - Wil - Shellenberger, President and Will Stein, Director of Operations in the PBY Memorial Foundation welcome any information concerning this particular Catalina in service, as well as offers of parts, components and blueprints that will enable the Foundation to preserve her to the highest possible standards for future generations to learn about and enjoy, for a long time to come.

When I enquired of Ron if it was possible to obtain some close-up pictures of 'his' Catalina he stated that he builds 1/48th scale models and knows the sort of detail that modelers need; he wasn't kidding!

Here, we are proud to present his superbly detailed images of the complete exterior and interior of 'Ron's Catalina' in all her current (2013) glory!             

Ok, that was the exterior, and now we find ourselves standing at the side entrance hatch. so let's go inside.........