One of the joys of owning, operating and promoting my SEAWINGS website is who I come into contact with around the world, and here is a perfect example. It is no secret to those that know me that I consider the PBY-6A Royal Danish Air Force Catalina 'L-866' on display in the Imperial War Museum, RAF Cosford, England to be my favorite of all the preserved examples, not the least for the cracking paint scheme it carries, along with the 'lumps and bumps' of that particular specimen - it is so attractive. Well, imagine my delight and surprise when one of my correspondents, J-Christophe Polet (Thanks, J-C..!) put me in touch with Per Soendergaard-Andersen one of the original crew members of 'L-866' and he has given me exclusive permission to show his original 'in-service' photographs of 'L-866' and 'L-861' from his personal album, for which I am extremely grateful, especially the interior shots which are notoriously difficult to obtain at the Museum. These were taken around the time of the last operational mission of 'L-866' in July 1970. My grateful thanks goes to Per and J-C to make this possible - many thanks.

(For detailed close-up images of 'L-866' today, please go to the Walk-Round section)

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