Consolidated Catalina PBY-5A - 'PH-PBY'
One of the most asked questions of myself through the Contact page of this website is, "Where can I go to fly in a flying boat, and especially a Catalina".

It is almost unheard of nowadays that one can be that lucky to get a flight in any flying boat or amphibian unless one knows the Owner and even that doesn't guarantee that will be enough. The problem in a large number of cases is answered in one word; Insurance, 'No joy rides, no pleasure flights, no paying passengers, etc'. Opportunities are very restricted.

However, for those in Europe that want to fulfil a dream flight in a Catalina - which remarkably includes a 'Splash n' Go' - there is one option available, Catalina PBY-5A 'PH-PBY' based just outside of Schiphol, Holland at circa 185Euro per flight in the flying season..!

As far as I am aware, this beautiful PBY-5A Catalina is the only one operating, or able to operate, this form of pleasure flight, booked in advance through the organisations website here. This one is definitely on my personal 'Bucket List'..!!

As a taster, I am pleased to host one of the finest flying boat photographic walk-rounds I have had the pleasure to view - 194 superbly detailed images of PH-PBY to give you an idea of what she's all about courtesy of ace photographer, Cees Hendriks.

Photo Credit: Cees Hendriks

Click on the image to view the sheet: