Beriev Be-200ES
This WR Gallery of mine is the result of one of those moments when you realise 'out-of-the-blue' that something special has just happened and that one is truly, 'in the right place, at the right time'....!

The Beriev flying boats have been a firm favourite with me all through my life, but actually getting 'up close and personal' with one has never happened to me before. Therefore, imagine my utter, total and complete surprise at finding one right in-front of me..! All mine for an hour or so and I had my digital camera in my hand...! Oh Boy, dreams are made of this.

This fabulous example was on display and a 'star-turn' at the 2019 Paris Airshow taking off and water-bombing the runway each afternoon and if it wasn't down to someone standing next to me saying, "Hey, isn't that a flying boat dropping water up there' I would never have known. I wasn't looking in that particular direction at the time but what a sight it was when I turned around..!

Having taken stock of the situation, a cunning plan was immediately formed and the very next morning I arrived extra early at the show, 07.00AM on a beautiful warm sunny morning, and made a beeline for the a/c on the flight-line and there was no-one about apart from the crew getting her ready for the day ahead. So, armed with my camera I shot these images over the next hour, one of my best moments ever...! Enjoy.........

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