Beriev Be-12 'Mail' Walk-Round
This walk-round for me says it all really; a wonderful unique design- ugly to some eyes - but one that has fascinated me for years. An iconic amphibian flying boat type that I have never, ever seen 'in the flesh', yet this particular example has it all. The shape, the 'sticky out bits', the weathering over the original colour scheme, the visible details in these images show, to me, a fabulous craft that one day I hope to stand beside in awe.

I have no idea as to where this particular example is located; I simply stumbled across this small, yet perfectly shot, walk-round on the web, and thought.....'Wow'. What I would give to be this close to the real thing, just one time in my life. A 'Bucket List' jobbie for me.... Enjoy!

If YOU are the photographer of these images, please contact SEAWINGS so that I might grant full credit and also ask you where these were taken, and where is the nearest airport..!!

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