These images are designed to assist modelers in adding the all-important smaller details to their models as well as showing this magnificent craft in all her glory. The colour images are especially welcome as they are quite rare nowadays. Grateful thanks goes to the contributors of these images and especially to William T. Larkins for his help in adding some quality to this gallery from his personal archive collection. Thanks, Bill.
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The superb set of B-314 'Clipper' images in the section below all originate from Hawaii and permission has been granted to display them on SEAWINGS by the Honolulu International Airport Authorities, for which I am very grateful. The Pan Am 'boats were of course regular visitors to the islands. I for one, have never seen these before and the detail is stunning. Indeed, most look as if they were taken just yesterday. Thanks goes to Marilyn Kali, HNL Historian, for her assistance. Click the Hawaii State Seal logo to visit their website.

All pictures Honolulu International Airport at

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