One of the bonuses of reading historic out-of-print aviation magazines are the large amount of advertisements they contain. The AEROPLANE and FLIGHT magazines were especially good at featuring many of them per issue, some of which were works of photographic or sketching art, whilst others contained revealing photo's or drawings of a specific piece of equipment aboard a particular flying boat which might be helpful to modelers.

This gallery is designed to save the very best ones for posterity for all flying boat enthusiasts to enjoy once again. These would make a lovely addition to any flying boat enthusiast's 'den' wall..!

Please Note: As stated within the website Terms and Conditions on the front page, it is not in any way my purpose to list anything here that is under current legal copyright; it is believed that anything listed here has been OOP for many, many years and is not available by direct purchase from the original publisher or by any other means - other than 'standard' pre-owned sales methods where a private owner is selling their own personal copy (on e-bay for instance). For the full disclaimer, please read the Terms in full on the front page. The images listed here are provided for 'own use' purposes, under 'Fair Rights' usage for the purpose of education, information and historical reference within private use and not for commercial or personal gain. If anyone has any objections, a simple email to SEAWINGS will suffice.)

Credits: Dave Koss, John Barlow, Andy Doran, Jean-Christophe Polet, the late Brian Knock, Olivier Faivre. Thanks, Guys.

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