Buying from this site is easy - just follow these very simple steps:


 1) Click HERE to send an e-mail confirming your order for the 1:288 Martin Mars kit to SEAWINGS.

 2) Put the words 'MARS KIT ORDER' in the heading title of your e-mail.

 3) Confirm the following in the body of your e-mail:

  • The number of kits you want to order.

  • Your full name and postal address.

  • Your contact e-mail details.

  • The price of the kit(s) - please note: this depends on whether you live in the UK or Europe - see below. All payments must be made in GBP Sterling. No other currency will be accepted.

  • Your preferred method of payment. We accept either PayPal, IMO or Cheque.

 4) Postal Charges Information:

  • Note that the UK price already includes post & packing. These orders will be posted standard First-Class at the Post Office. (see note 8)

  • Note that the Europe price does not include the final post & packing charge. To keep the price of postage to a minimum we calculate the shipping cost of each order individually. The postage cost for each order is different depending upon the country it is shipped to. Once you have placed your order with SEAWINGS, telling us where in Europe you want it sent to, we will calculate the postage cost and send you a confirmation email. You will then be notified of the post & packing charge before your order is final, by e-mail. It is then for you to confirm acceptance by return e-mail.

 5) Send your e-mail order to SEAWINGS and we will be in-touch with you within 48 hours of receipt to complete the order process, including the charge for a Europe delivery.

 6) Your kit will be dispatched direct to you upon confirmation of the receipt of your full payment cleared into our bank via your preferred payment method. Please note that this will be some 5/6 working days after you have paid through PayPal and some 5/6 working days after SEAWINGS has received and banked your payment by IMO or cheque. SEAWINGS will notify you of receipt of funds prior to banking them.

 7) SEAWINGS visits the Post Office once only per seven day week for posting purposes.

 8) An e-mail will be sent to you to confirm your kit is actually in the post direct to you. Please note if you require a different or special postage arrangement, please let SEAWINGS know when you order.

 9) You may, of course, e-mail SEAWINGS during this period for an accurate order up-date, no problem.

10) Any queries please e-mail SEAWINGS direct by clicking Here.